Driving While Intoxicated in the State of Texas is a costly and serious offense which may very well lead to disastrous and detrimental effects on the life of an accused.  The Santos Law Firm, PLLC is leading to provide high quality aggressive legal representation.  The firm’s goal is to protect you, your family, business, and most importantly, your rights. Each and every case presents a different set of facts that require immediate and careful analysis in order to prepare an adequate defense. Time is of the essence, contact us now for a free consultation. Take action now!

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Real Estate Law
Whether you are leasing, buying or selling, carefully drafted documents that accurately and unambiguously reflect your agreement are crucial. We draft, dissect and analyze each document to avoid potential litigation down the road.
Criminal Law
Aggressive and effective representation of your rights. Our office immediately begins accumulating any and all evidence the government may have in its possession. Throughout the pendency of your case, we will maintain your innocence until proven guilty in a court of law.
Personal Injury
You've been hurt in a car accident? Work injury? Wrongful misconduct by another person? You deserve respect and justice. The Santos Law Firm, PLLC will work tirelessly and aggressively to demand it!


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